Your data is backed up daily and we maintain 14 days of rolling backups in the event we need them.
ISCoA doesn’t actually provide escrow administration however, we partnered with FundAmerica and integrated their application into EB5 Suite to allow escrow administration through Provident Trust Group.
While we strongly recommend using Sharefile, you can use any cloud based system as long as you paste the links inside EB5 Suite. There is a new field in each document bucket that allows you to paste a link from any third party system. Just remember that if the link changes it will no longer work.
If you plan to use the integrated files storage built in to EB5 Suite you will need to use your own Sharefile account. While it is not required, the secure document management storage you will receive with Sharefile is not available with any other solution on the market. We strongly recommend Sharefile however, you can use our Link Store to manage your links to third party systems.
You own your data.
The sooner you get started the easier it will be to get and stay organized. The moment you begin considering an EB5 project you will benefit from EB5 Suite. Long before you even have interested potential investors you will need to track details, documents, contacts and organizations – that is what EB5 Suite was built to do.
That’s no problem. We will contact the appropriate person and help you make arrangements to speak with them. Just ask us.
There is a process that truly needs to be followed from the gathering of diligence and critical documents for an I924 to collecting all of the documents to complete an I526 and handle escrow to finally completing the I829 and all of the annual requirements needed for the lengthy engagement. Work-flow technology helps walk you through the process by putting the next step right in front of you and it helps you remember what you are missing. Properly used, this type of system will save the average regional center the equivalent of one or more headcount and return operators to more of the activities that generate income for the business.
Yes. We took feature requests from any party involved in EB5 or the FinTech industry for our first year and made over 167 features available based on those requests. We are now only taking feature requests from existing clients and have over 100 new features in development over the next year.
We believe that contracts are not helpful to the customer so we don’t require them. You sign a service agreement that acknowledges the price and that you agree to our license terms but there is no contract period. You pay ISCoA month to month and if you ever have to leave us for any reason you simply pay your last month of usage and your data is returned to you.
EB5 has grown up to the point where spreadsheets and a cloud storage alone are no longer a viable solution to track and organize the many aspects of the EB5 process. An Investment Resource Platform (IRP) puts the tools needed to support the lengthy and complex process of an EB5 investment at your fingertips and it becomes the link to many other tools. The concept of purpose-built software isn’t new but it is for EB5 and given the legislation that will surely change the work-flow requirements for regional centers, now is the time to have a system that is specifically built for EB5.
EB5 Suite is an Investment Resource Platform that combines a Contact Relationship Management (CRM), an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and a Document Management System (DMS) that has been customized for the unique requirements for the EB5 program.
Yes. We offer full transition services for our new customers who want to bring all of their existing data to EB5 Suite.
Most regional centers are using several systems to do what EB5 Suite will do for you. We provide you with import spreadsheets to be filled out. We will import them for you and do basic error checking on your data in the process.
We can integrate your existing Sharefile account to EB5 Suite in most cases so please let us know and we can discuss the best way to proceed.
You will want to sign up for a Sharefile account. We will work with you through the setup once you have your account so that when you start using EB5 Suite all of your documents go to the right place.
This product is produced exclusively for the use of EB5 Regional Center operators and other organizations operating under the USCIS EB5 Immigrant Investor program and it not offered to anyone outside the program. For many reasons ISCoA must verify that prospective users are actively participating in the program and intend to use EB5 Suite to help achieve compliance under EB5 guidelines. Law firms and Broker / Dealers are also permitted to use EB5 Suite to support their clients.
EB5 Suite is hosted by ISCoA on the Amazon Web Services EC2 Cloud. It uses a dedicated connection to your Citrix Sharefile account to securely store documents.