Proven technology enabled solutions to alternative investment challenges

Raising capital takes strategy, discipline, consistency, and attention to detail.

Certain tools and skills required to be successful may or may not exist within your team—we provide the missing tools and skills needed to successfully raise capital in a highly competitive world. 

Our mission is to work tirelessly by our client’s side to ensure the skills and tools needed to produce positive results for investors and those receiving capital.

Our approach comes from decades of experience in the financial services world providing consulting and technology-based services to small to medium sized investment firms. Our success comes from understanding what the team brings to the table and where there are gaps that we can help fill. We first coined the phrase “by your side, not on your payroll” in the late 80’s and it has stuck with us as a core principle. We only expect to be called on when needed and never make excuses to provide more services than you need. Our clients rely on us to be there when called upon and are often surprised when they don’t receive retainer agreements or bills for minimum hours.

We have a large network of multi-disciplinary talent ready to engage and we pride ourselves on having a good fit for most circumstances.  Since we get most of our business by referral, we know that a job well done means more opportunities to serve new clients.

Investor Services Company of America provides solutions for the alternative investment marketplace.  Alternative investments require the back-office process, organizational efficiency and attention to detail that ISCoA provides through a suite a technology enabled solutions designed to help automate and secure the sensitive materials collected in the investment process.