EB5 Suite

EB5 Suite is Made for EB5 Regional Centers

ISCoA created EB5 Suite to solve the problem of tracking people, documents and processes in separate applications so you don’t miss a filing date or fail to respond to a request from the USCIS, an agent, attorney or JCE.

EB5 Suite combines the best elements of customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and content management systems to introduce a comprehensive investor resource planning platform. This IRP Platform is your hub connecting all Regional Center activities needed to compile, track and file compliant I-924, I-526, I-829 and other required filings. Be Organized, Efficient, Compliant & Secure!

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The stakes are too high to take chances with important documents, filing dates and funding requirements. This software is the new standard for Regional Center administration and we are pleased that ISCoA brought it to the industry at such a critical time.