Consulting Services

Branding, Website Development and Marketing Materials

Your brand identity is critical to creating a positive impression about you and your project therefore, we take great care to develop a compelling story that paints the best possible picture. Small details are often the difference between a story that others trust and gravitate toward and something that receives a pass. We take time to get to know you, learn about your story and the details about the project you are planning. The resulting branding starts with personal biographies and progress to the company backgrounder and convey to the website, marketing materials and social media.

Banking and Escrow Administration

We maintain banking relationships that help you to address your full capital stack. Alternative capital is far more than EB5 and while we will set up escrow administration and assist with accounts, there are other aspects of the stack that we can address, including debt. Working with ISCoA allows you to tap into our substantial network of resources, we are often able to be a one stop source for banking and escrow.

Economic Development Incentives and Studies

Working with state and local governments can be challenging especially when you’re not sure what questions to ask or which department to speak with. Economic development tax credits, set asides, and other incentives can be a significant part of your development plan if assembled correctly. Our Economic Development team has the experience and track record to approach state and local agencies for incentives and build the case for providing the most lucrative package possible for your project. We conduct economic impact studies directly and through trusted partners that complete the requirements for EB5 and go way behind to include valuable incentives when available.

Organizing Project Materials, Key Documents and Business Plans

Bringing a project to market can be daunting and our services include organizing your project materials so that they will be the most useful to each of the parties of your team. Securities lawyers, broker dealers, agents and your development partners will all need to see the same information but organized in a way that meets their needs. These slight differences have become large proprieties for many projects in EB5 when the organization isn’t done properly. Using a combination of technology and experience, we work with each stakeholder on your behalf to ensure the materials are properly presented. The business plan will result from doing that properly and we either develop the business plan in house or work with a business plan partner to bring it to final completion.