EB5 Services

Investor Portal: Manage Investors, Projects, Organizations

Investors can access their own information as well as project information through the Investor Portal. The cost is minimal at $1 per investor per month capped at $100.

You are able to enter and track investor funds flow at all stages. Deposits, move funds to NCE, move funds to JCE, Enter Interest and move back to NCE to be disbursed to Investor. Track Admin Fees, Agent Fees, Agent Fee Schedules. You can set up Escrow accounts and regular bank accounts, and keep track of fund movement between accounts, and of course do reporting on all of these.

Manage Investors, Projects, Organizations, & Email Campaigns

Since EB5 Suite is a relational database, you can take advantage of the power of connections between Projects, Investors, and Organizations. For example, a project is connected to NCE, JCE, and Regional Center Organizations, it is also connected to Investors who in turn are connected to Agents and Attorneys. Additionally, an Investor can have Family Members connected to them with their own records, which is helpful in the event that a child ages out and needs to become an Investor in their own right.

Tracking a contact from Lead to Pre-Investor (with documents attached) to a full Investor (with many more documents attached) is a very powerful way to manage your workflow, all of this while attaching this contact to a particular project. And while conducting AML/KYC/OFAC checks on them.

Email Campaigns consist of creating a list, creating a template (or use an existing one), and then creating and running a campaign after which, you track the results.

Marketing lists can be composed of any type or combination of types of contacts like investors or agents or developers. You can filter the list by project for instance, or by leads or pre-investors, or only investors, or by investors who have not yet deposited funds.

The email Templates can be made using our template developer. If you are good with HTML, you can create a template from scratch using HTML. You can also add in substitution variables like Investor Name, Address etc. to display in an email.

Marketing Campaigns can track opens, click-throughs, remove from list requests, etc.

Investor AML/KYC/OFAC Checks

Our AML-KYC solution covers a multitude of international sources and sanctions lists which may include; OFAC,INTERPOL, FinCEN, UN, DFAT, EU, HMT, FBI, and many more. Our AML-KYC solutions are designed to be compliant with internationally accepted Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer best practices and their corresponding legal obligations. We scan real time data in order to provide an accurate representation of the AML-KYC risk so that you can know that the individuals you are doing business with are who they say they are and aren’t currently prohibited by one of the World’s regulatory bodies from engaging in business with your organization.

- OFAC SDN (Office of Foreign Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals List)– USA
- OFAC PLC – Palestinian Legislative Council List
- OFAC Sanctions Programs
- Bank of England Sanctions List (BOL)
- Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) Denied Persons List
- Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) Entity List
- Bureau of Industry &Security (BIS) Unverified List
- CIA World leaders
- DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) List (Consolidated) Australia
- Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC): Debarred Parties List
- European Union : Consolidated List of Persons Group, Entities
- European Union: EU Terrorist List

- FinCEN Section 311 – Primary ML Concern
- European Union CFSP list (Common Foreign and Security Policy)– Entities subject to EU Sanctions
- HM Treasury list UK
- OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) list – Canada
- OCC Office of the Comptroller of Currency: Unauthorized Bank List
- UK Secretary of State Terrorist List: Home Office
- UN Consolidated List — United Nations
- US General Services Admin (GSA): Excluded Parties List
- System US Immigration and Customs Enforcement: ICE Fugitives
- US State Dept. FTO Foreign Terrorist Organizations List
- US State Dept. WMD Non-Proliferation List
- World Bank List of Debarred Parties (Ineligible Firms & Individuals)

Secure Document Storage

We integrate with Citrix ShareFile to allow you to upload documents to be stored securely and have them organized by investor by document type and by project/document type and by organization like NCE by document type.

You can even email a time-limited request to anyone in your contacts to have them upload a document – it will be tied to the correct investor/document type etc.

Once uploaded, you can reach the document both from EB5 Suite and from ShareFile. You also have all of ShareFile’s powerful sharing tools available to you.